Our capoeira classes are open to all--whether you are just figuring how to pronounce ca-po-AY-ra or have been training for some time.  

No prior experience is necessary. Beginners should wear loose fitting clothing and should be barefoot or, if necessary, use light footwear. No uniform is required the first month for beginners. Students training with Capoeira Barro Vermelho for more than one month should be in full Capoeira Barro Vermelho uniform. They may be purchased on line or in person at the Brazilian-American Cultural Center.

*Advanced capoeiristas should wear the traditional capoeira regional uniform.


We offer various memberships so that you can maximize your time training with us. Book your class on the calendar below and pay for your preferred membership:


New Student Special

  • Adults Only

  • 2 weeks

  • Unlimited Classes in Washington, DC

  • Only $15


  • Adults Only

  • Month starts at any time during a thirty day period.

  • $139

10 Class Card

  • Adults only

  • Expires three months from date of first class

  • $169

Single Class

  • Drop In*

  • Adults Only/Youth with Instructor permission

  • $19


Mestre Bomba is a great teacher who makes the classes fun and challenging at the same time!” - Meredith B.

Capoeira music is incorporated into all of our classes; after the Thursday movement class, there is a class specifically devoted to music and instruments.


Basic Movements of Capoeria

Queda de rins.1.JPG

Working on queda de rins


student learns how to play the pandeiro with mestre bomba

student learns how to play the pandeiro with mestre bomba

“Capoeira is so much more for me than movement--I love the music as well as the movement! I love the culture.” - Simone M.