A Beginner's Guide: Capoeira 101


Physical: Martial Arts Training

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art disguised with music and dance. This self-defense technique is in 169 countries and focuses on attack and defense from multiple angles. Most importantly, Capoeira is an amazing workout. You will burn at least 1,500 calories in a class. Every capoeira class focuses on improving the following:

-Muscle Endurance





Why am I so sore?

It’s normal! Capoeira is an intense, full-body workout. It’s a dynamic mix of aerobic activity that demands flexibility and coordination in ways many of us are not accustomed. You can find yourself pretty sore the next days after class, no matter your prior level of physical fitness. Keep training and stretching, and your body will get used to it. Mestre Bomba can also help students through a series of therapeutic stretching to help sore muscles.

Mental: Learning

Capoeira includes learning to play these instruments: Berimbau, Atabaque (drum), and Pandeiro (tambourine). There is no capoeira without these instruments. Music is an essential part of this martial art.  Not only does it dictate the speed of the game, but it is a connection to the culture and history of the martial art. 

Culture: Learning Portuguese & History

Portuguese is the language of capoeira.  You will learn Portuguese as you come to understand the movements, songs, culture, and history of capoeira. It is a great opportunity to easily learn a new language.


Social: Meeting New Friends

Capoeira emphasizes the importance of building a strong community. You will have the opportunity to make new friends from a diverse array of professions and backgrounds...all coming together for the love of capoeira.


Attire: Workout & Uniforms

When you start your first month of classes we encourage students to wear comfortable workout clothes because you will need to have free range of motion. Like all martial arts, we require our students to wear uniforms to continue with their training.  Ask us about uniform options, which may be purchased on site. 

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