If you love Capoeira Regional, this is the place to be in the DC area!  Mestre Bomba is a great example of living his art, and he makes it clear that capoeira is his life.  As a person, he is kind, laid back, and fun-loving.  At the same time, he takes capoeira very seriously and pushes his students to go beyond their own preconceived limits.  If you start class and keep coming, you will be amazed at your progress!

The classes here are also very special because of the students.  As other reviews have expressed, everyone is super friendly and welcoming.  We all support each other, and new people fit right in and feel very much at home immediately.  We often laugh while we train, and everyone leaves class feeling great!

I highly recommend Barry Vermelho Capoiera for beginners to advanced students! Mestre Bomba and the students are so welcoming and the growth I've seen in my own practice since I started is incredible! Hope to see you there :)
-Lansz M.

Mestre Bomba lives and breathes capoeira and brings that passion to all of his classes. He truly cares about his students (beginner through advanced) and wants them to be their best. If you're on the fence on taking a class, do it!
-Brandon E.

I have always wanted to learn capoeira ever since watching the movie "Only the Strong" in 1993. Since then, I have traveled to Brazil many times and it is amazing to watch the capoeiristas play. When I came back from Brazil, I decided I wanted to learn capoeira. I found the Capoeria Barro Vermelho website and I signed up for classes. Mestre Bomba is an awesome teacher. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable about all aspects of capoeria. Everyone was extremely welcoming and helpful to teach me the basics of capoeira and soon after I was hooked.  It is fun and challenging with every class. You will learn about the history, music, instruments, Portuguese, and the martial arts behind capoeira. It is the ultimate workout for the body and mind. I encourage everyone to join.
-Jason T.

This is a great place to learn and play! I am on a hiatus due to job transitioning but am eager to get back in the next few months, and practiced here for about a a very welcoming place for beginners, and the other students and teacher are all friendly, kind, and very patient Mestre Bomba is a great teacher who makes the classes fun and challenging at the same time. Also, capoeira is an amazing workout, so you can get your flexibility, strength, and aerobic exercises done in one night.
-Meredith B.

Capoeira Barro Vermelho is one of the best opportunities to not only get an incredible workout, also to connect with an incredible community. The classes are fun and challenging and there are opportunities to really dive into the Brasilian culture. Highly recommended for someone interested in an amazing workout, learning about Brasilian culture and connecting to a really fantastic group of people!
-Janaina S.

Capoeira is my biggest hobby and the way I stay sane. When I moved to DC, I knew I wanted to keep up with capoeira and I'm really glad I found Barro Vermelho. Like other capoeira groups I've trained with, I not only found a place to train my capoeira skills, but I also gained many new friends. Capoeira is not like going to the gym where you work out and never talk to anyone. Capoeira is a community. So if you're looking for a way to learn about a very unique art form that combines martial arts, dance, music, and acrobatics as well as gain a family, then come on by. Barro Vermelho is part of my routine and I am very grateful for it.
-Natasha B.

After recently getting into capoeira, I have taken a few capoeira classes here. It is a lot of fun, the instructor is really knowledgeable and has been teaching capoeira in Brazil for years and now is teaching in DC. I had not done any martial arts before so this was a good way to start and I like that it is not full contact (no gloves, helmets, or pads needed) 

Capoeira isn't as commonplace as yoga or kickboxing here in DC but it is a really great cardio workout, and helps a lot with flexibility. Plus it incorporates the music and culture of Brazil so it is not just one-dimensional.

They have classes here on Saturdays (kids' capoeira classes) and on Sundays (adult capoeira classes) and they also have classes at All Souls Church on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 pm. I like that there are many days and times to choose from so it fits any schedule.  Finally the rates are very reasonable especially if you buy an unlimited monthly pass.
-Ashley M.

Capoeira is one of the best full-body workouts around.  It's hard to describe because it's part dance, part martial art, part music.  I discovered this exercise last year and have been going regularly since then.  You improve your strength, flexibility, cardio, balance and stamina.  It's like Yoga or pilates on steroids.  This is a great new Capoeira Group that opened up recently and teaches classes at Bloombars on Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as  other places like BTI Dance studio.

Contra Mestre Bomba is the highest ranked instructor in the "Capoeira Regional" style of Capoeira in the DC/MD/VA area, so you will learn a lot.  Although the space is a little tight, the classes are small so you do get individual attention and instruction unlike some other super large classes at other places.  Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to sweat because it will be quite a workout.
-Frank E.

This class is great. It's small, but you really get to know Bomba and the other students. Stop by, it's fun.
-Paulo G.

Highly recommended!!
I felt welcomed and part of the family once I entered the door and I have grown tremendously under the guidance of the group and Mestre Bomba. The sense of unity among Barro Vermehlo is phenomenal. It truly has a strong warm welcoming sense of family that nurture new additions with open arms. The methods of teaching are challenging , creative and fun and will push you to become a stronger person both physically and mentally. The time I have spent here and has helped me grow tremendously and I continue to grow as i carry  the many things i have learned into my training. Each time I am back in DC I make it a point to practice at Barro Vermelho and to visit my family in this group.

With each visit i learn something new and enriching and am always excited to meet the new additions to the family and group.
-Carlos G.

Joining Barro Vermelho is hands down the best decision I've ever made in my life.  I went in expecting just a good work out and ended up with a life changing experience.  The energy here will suck you in from day 1.  Not only did I get to practice Capoeira, which is by far the coolest martial arts out there, I also got to learn a little Portuguese, I learned about Brazilian culture, and I learned how to play the musical instruments associated with capoeira.  And the best part, I got to make great friends in the process.  Mestre Bomba is the most experienced capoeira instructor in the region.  He is patient, and always willing to help.  He will point out your strengths and immediately help you work on your weaknesses.  He offers classes of all ages and all levels, so experienced or not, check it out.  You will not regret it.
-Muhab M.

Wow!  I have tried a few capoeira classes but this was by far the best.  Mestre Bomba is as authentic as it gets and you can really see his years of experience when he shows tricks and movements to the students. He and the other students were really patient with me and the Mestre was great at tailoring the class to my individual level, while others worked at a higher level.  I had done a little capoeira in Brazil and this class rivaled those.  My body hurt the next day but I have been at it a few weeks now and I really feel the difference in my body, I am more stable and stronger.  The class is great--love the stretches at the end and the energy.  So happy!!!
-Brazzzil M.

I joined Barro Vermelho with no prior experience in capoeira but had an amazing time learning from and being a part of this community. The classes are fantastic and the classmates are actively looking to help give advice/tips on how to improve. Moreover Mestre Bomba is a great teacher and really cares about his students. I'd highly recommend these capoeira classes regardless of experience or physical ability.
-Alex W.

I craved to find a workout that challenged me while building community and that is exactly what I found in Capoeira Barro Vermelho. Mestre Bomba cares about all his students, no matter their level. He is patient and great at explaining new moves in a way to help you get it quickly. The students are not there just for a class or to improve their skill. They enjoy spending time together and are genuinely friends outside of class. They support one another's growth in capoeira and encourage one another. If you want an inviting community to learn martial arts, this is it.
-Lisa F.

I love this Capoeira class! Every week is a new challenge. Within only a few weeks I noticed the difference in my fitness and stamina. Plus the group is great fun! I highly recommend it!
-Laura J.

Great training, a great workshop and friendly crowd here. Learn to fight, catch contagious Brazilian culture, get in shape and maybe even do a backflip. Highly recommend.
-Josh L.

The experience with the group Barro Vermelho is terrific! It has a great balance of physical conditioning, martial art application, Brasilian music and culture, and encouraging comradary from the instructors and the students. Another added bonus in training with this group is that you get to study under the only Capoeira master in the DMV, Mestre "Bomba" who is a native Bahian and knows his stuff.
-Dontae H.